Installing a garden shed in the garden and having the right kind of garden features can increase the value of your property by as much as 20%, experts claim.

A new survey asked estate agents, property professionals and garden designers what features they believed would add the most value to a property, and 82% of those surveyed said a garden shed.

So according to this survey, landlords and homeowners in Highbury & Islington, Stoke Newington and Newington Green would do well to install a good-sized garden shed in their gardens.

There has been a considerable – 37% – increase in the number of people spending more time in their gardens when compared with five years ago.

As spending more time outside has become more important for many homeowners and tenants, so too has the need for certain features. These include good quality paving stones or patio, which came in second place with 76%, while gates, fencing and walls, which help provide privacy while in the garden, came in third at 72%.

Landlords and homeowners should be advised that features such as an artificial lawn scored poorly, with just 40% believing installation of an artificial lawn would increase a property’s value.

However, those surveyed generally agreed that a combination of these features would work best.

Garden Designer, Lauren Pascal, said: “My recommendation is to be cost effective by making some light rather than drastic changes, depending on the current state of their garden. Spending tons to have a lavish garden does not always correlate to an increase in property value”.

She continued: “If a garden is scattered to the point where most of the space is occupied, then it makes it very difficult for potential occupiers to envision themselves there enjoying the outdoors.”

But whether you’re a landlord, potential landlord, or homeowner looking to sell or rent your property, any garden space you have should be put to good use to help boost the property’s appeal and value.

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