Have you ever watched an episode of Grand Designs, or taken advantage of the annual Open House London event to look inside a beautifully remodelled home? If so, you’ll understand the critical role played by the architect in any big home makeover project.

It’s easy to shy away from hiring an architect for a building project, usually because of the perceived expense of their services. Often, however, hiring an architect can actually save you money. Brief your architect properly, and they will work within the constraints of your budget to create a space, which works for you and your lifestyle. Their input can ensure that the project moves swiftly, that your construction team are working to the brief and that the final result lives up to your expectations.

How could using an architect save me money?

It’s an architect’s job to make sure accurate design drawings are produced at an early stage. This reduces the possibility of mistakes or issues occurring later, which will save money – possibly a considerable amount.

A well-designed project, which makes the best of a space and incorporates nifty features, will enhance your home much more than a bog-standard design. When the project is complete, you should have a home with a far greater resale value – as well as one that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

How can an architect transform my building project?

An architect can find alternative solutions to structural anomalies as well as ways to sidestep logistical design problems. You don’t need to be building a home from scratch to require the help of an architect – a basic renovation project could benefit too. Sometimes even the smallest space requires a fresh approach to make the most of its potential.

Architects can put forward ideas you might not have considered, expanding your view of what’s possible within the confines of the space while maximising the potential of the design project within your budget.

How do I get the most out of using an architect?

For best results, work in collaboration with your architect. Talk to prospective architects as much as you can – make sure you can work together on the project and that they understand what you are looking for. If you’re embarking on a long project, it’s important you get along and share the same vision.

You will need to put together a contract and devise a clear brief. According to Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) this stage is vital: “The ultimate success of your project depends on the quality of your brief, your ability to clearly describe for your architect the requirements and functions of your building, and proposed methods of operation and management.”

How do I find an architect for my project?

You could start by consulting Riba’s directory of practices. Enter details of your project and your local area.

If you are looking to transform your Islington home, or to buy in the area and make your mark on a new property, here are five architecture firms based nearby:

Jestico + Whiles

1 Cobourg St, Kings Cross, London NW1 2HP

RIBA-award-winning studio of architects and interior designers based in London and Prague.


Studio 304

Studio 304 Ltd, Netil House, London E8 3RL

Award-winning team with a focus on craft, detail and collaboration. “We value an open and inclusive design process, with contractor, client and design team working closely together to achieve a common goal.”


Pollard Thomas Edwards

38 Graham St, London N1 8JX

Architects’ Journal Sustainable Practice of the Year 2018 – with a “social commitment to lift everyday places out of the ordinary”.


Alison Brooks Architects

Studio 610, Highgate Studios, London NW5 1TL

Founded in 1996, Alison Brooks Architects has developed an international reputation for design excellence and innovation in urban regeneration, the arts, higher education and housing.


Satish Jassal Architects

19 Wharfdale Rd, Kings Cross, London N1 9SB

Satish Jassal Architects promise to, “unlock the potential of sites and homes by carefully understanding their inherent value.”



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