As a tenant, you are likely to move to a new home more often than homeowners do. But the choices you face are not always easy. How do you choose where to live? Where will you find suitable flatmates? Without a car at your disposal, how can you move your belongings from one rental property to another easily and cheaply?   

Apps have the answer. Here’s our list of some of the most useful property apps for tenants. 

Check out the location with AroundME 

Before you settle on a rental property and sign a contract, check out the local area with AroundME. The app identifies your location, so you can look through a comprehensive list of the businesses and amenities in the area. Likewise, if you want to live near a leisure centre or swimming pool, you can use the app to search for a leisure centre and then look for accommodation nearby. 

Find flatmates/house sharers with SpareRoom 

Recent research has shown that tenants regard sharing with the right people as even more important than the location and facilities of the place they rent. SpareRoom is an app where you can customise your search to find the kind of flatmates you’d like.  

When you find yourself house-hunting alone, you can look for a room in an existing flat share, or you can use the ‘Buddy Up’ facility to find a new group of friends to share with. If later one tenant needs to move out, SpareRoom will help you find a compatible flatmate to fill the vacancy. That way you won’t all have to move on.

Stay in charge of your possessions with Sortly  

When you’re moving, it’s easy to lose track of your possessions and forget which item you stashed in which box or whether you actually threw out that old T-shirt. That’s where inventory apps like Sortly play a vital role. Designed so you know where you’ve put everything, the app lets you add reminders and custom tags to help you search for and find each item quickly once you get to your new property. 

Shift your belongings from A to B with Vanuse 

You may not need a removal van for your belongings, but you do need something. Hiring a van is an option for those with driving licences, but otherwise why not try the Vanuse app? Billed as the Uber for vans, you can book a van up to 30 days in advance. Even if you leave it until the last minute, you should be able to pick up a van within an hour. 

Recycle your unwanted goods with GoneForGood 

We all know about eBay, but how about donating the things you won’t need in your new place to charity? On the GoneForGood app, you can upload a photograph of the items you want to donate and arrange for a local charity of your choice to collect them. You can even add Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation. 

Customise your new place with The Gumtree App 

Once you’ve moved, The Gumtree App will help you find the extras your new place needs. Specify your area in the search and you’re likely to be able to source everything locally. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re recycling goods while you pick up bargains with minimal delivery charges.

We can help too 

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