If you’re a buy-to-let landlord, then you’ll know how important presentation is when renting out your property. Then why is it that so many property owners get it so wrong?

Dressing your property for rental won’t just help you to achieve the best possible rent, it will also ensure it is let quickly. Dressing doesn’t just mean a lick of paint, it’s about selling a lifestyle. Tenants are discerning, and the difference between a dressed and undressed property will affect the rental value.

Here are a few tips to ensure your rental stands out from the competition.

Curb Appeal

First impressions last, so start on the outside and address the all-important curb appeal. If you get this right, you avoid the risk of discouraging prospective tenants before they’ve even set foot over the threshold.

• Ensure rubbish is in a bin, out of view ideally, but otherwise, tidied away. Sweep outside areas.
• Give the front door a clean, and polish any door furniture
• Plant up a couple of containers or window boxes with seasonal plants – this will instantly add colour and life

Clean & Tidy

It always mystifies us why some property owners show their properties with dirty clothes left on display and saucepans left in the sink. The first rule inside the property is to tidy up. Put clothes away, do the washing up, give everything a home, and then clean. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom/s, as these areas can be the deal breakers for tenants.

Once you have scrubbed your property from top to bottom, take another look around then declutter and depersonalise. Less is definitely more when you are aiming to help the prospective tenant visualise themselves living there.


Remember you are trying to appeal to the masses. If your living room is bright red, and your bathroom emerald green, this may not be to everyone’s taste. While neutral colours may not be your thing, grin and bear it, because it works for the rental market. Extend this neutral theme to wall and floor tiles, or floor coverings, and let the tenant accessorise with colours once they’ve signed on the dotted line.

Giving your property a fresh lick of paint between tenancies will ensure your property is looking its best, and also indicates to the tenant that you care. Tenants are more inclined to take care of a property if the landlord has demonstrated the same.

Now Accessorise

Your property should now be a blank canvass to which you can create and sell a lifestyle. Keep it simple yet aspirational. Here are our tips:

• Hang pictures and mirrors on walls
• Beds should be made. Use fresh linen, and add cushions and throws. Put some fresh flowers beside the bed.
• Put fresh towels in the bathroom, and dress with candles and nice products
• Show property with quality kitchen accessories such as kettles and toasters.
• Open windows prior to viewings to let in some fresh air, put the heating on if its winter and ensure post is picked up

Bring in the Designers

For landlords with high end properties which rent for over £1,000 per week, you may consider using the services of a designer. They will give you the expert eye on the aesthetics, and advise on furniture. You may also be able to rent prop furniture for the period while your property is being viewed, which will potentially save you money, and the hassle of selling it again once it’s let.

Follow all of these tips, and your property will be let in no time.