If moving into your new home doesn’t live up to your expectations, relax. A new study has shown that more than a quarter of house movers take up to two years to feel at home in their new pad.

The research, from Sainsbury’s Bank, also found that the majority of movers will spend at least £5,000 making the new place a home.

The survey of Sainsbury’s shoppers revealed that more than a third (35%) of respondents felt at home in a new property straight away. However, 26% took between six months and two years to settle in properly.

While the survey revealed that 29% of people spend £5,000 or more on their properties in the first year, 8% said they spent less than £500.

For 21% of respondents, installing a new kitchen or bathroom accounted for their spend. Other measures taken to put a stamp on the place ranged from redecorating (18%) to adding personal touches, by hanging photos and pictures.

The milestones which make people feel at home included walking in into the property for the first time after completion (39%), hosting friends or family (30%) and unpacking the final box (29%).

If you’re feeling unsure about how to make your new property a home, here are some tips:

  • Take inspiration from social media – Pinterest is a great source of ideas, as are interiors bloggers and Instagram.
  • Don’t try and transform everything immediately – take time to settle in. For a quick win add cushions, throws or wall art to personalise the space.
  • Go green – houseplants and kitchen herbs are reckoned to add the feel-good factor to your home.
  • Meet the neighbours – finding out more about your community and getting involved will help you settle in and feel positive about the new area.

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