Private rental sector tenants are increasingly keen to carry out home improvements on their properties, and this is something landlords should support, the AIIC has said.

A new study from Plentific found that 73% of tenants have used their own money to pay for home improvements, with a smaller proportion paying over £500.

In response to the findings, the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks is advising landlords to support tenants if they want to make home improvements, as this will encourage tenants to remain in the property for longer, ensuring a stable monthly income.

More tenants are renting for longer, especially in London where rents are high. This leaves fewer renters able to save enough for a deposit on a property. As a result, tenants are wanting to make their rental properties feel more like a home. This presents a good opportunity to landlords, who can capitalise on a growing number of tenants wanting to remain in their rental property in the longer term. If landlords allow tenants to make changes to the property’s interior, it could help minimise void periods.

Patricia Barber, Chair of the AIIC, said: “It’s clear that tenants are increasingly keen to spend their own money on improving their rental property and this is certainly something landlords should think about”.

However, if changes are made to the property during the course of the tenancy, landlords must keep a full inventory.

“If rental properties are noticeably changing over the course of a tenancy, it’s vitally important that there is an inventory which comprehensively details the condition and contents of the property at the start of the tenancy”, Barber said.

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