If you are planning to sell your property in the next few months, now is a perfect time to get things ready, before you contact an estate agent. Step one is to ensure you will impress your potential buyers from the moment they step into your home (or view your home virtually).

But how do you do that?

We have put together 70 ways that take little or no investment but could make a big impact on the first impression.

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If you are serious about selling your home any time soon, this article is for you.



Tip 1: Make sure your front garden is low-maintenance

This is one good tip for selling your home. These days a lot of people are too busy to trim flowers or mow lawns. So, to increase the appeal of your house, keep your front garden as low-maintenance as possible.


Tip 2: Fix broken fence
If you have got a damaged fence, it is very crucial that you have it fixed. Your fence makes up the exterior of your home and can turn buyers off even before they get to see the inside of the property.


Tip 3: Keep your lawn low and tidy
Leaving your lawn overgrown and bushy doesn’t make for a good first impression if you are looking to sell your home. Get it mowed.

Garden in London

Tip 4: Plant fresh flowers
As a decorative tip for selling your property, planting fresh flowers around the house gives your home a colourful and welcoming appeal.

Tip 5: Weed your garden
The garden, just like the lawn, should be kept from being overgrown and bushy. This will send the wrong signal to the potential buyer that the home is not properly cared for.


Tip 6: Install decking
Installing a decking can add a 2% value to your home. Though a very small value but it’s enough to sway the decision of potential buyers.

decking in London garden

Tip 7: Give your patio some love
You should either totally replace your patio or renovate it and make it even on all sides. Remember, your patio also adds to your home’s kerb appeal.


Tip 8: Fix/install outside lighting
Outside lighting is important to give your home that welcoming appeal at night time. Buyers love a well-lit house.


Tip 9: Repaint fences and sheds
Put a fresh lick of wood stain or paint old fences and sheds as this adds to the general outlook of your garden.


Tip 10: Keep your bushes trimmed
As with your garden, if you have bushes around your home, keeping them trimmed is important for creating the right impression.

Bush in a garden in Islington

Tip 11: Tidy your neighbour’s garden
Your neighbour’s untidy garden can rub off on the appeal of your home. If possible, ask to help them tidy it up.

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Home improvements

Tip 12: Revamp Old wall tiles
Give those old kitchen or bathroom tiles a facelift by repainting them. This keeps your bathroom and kitchen looking fresh and clean.


Tip 13: Redo the tile grouting
Use a grout pen to refresh the grouting between the tiles. This will make the tiles look clean and newly installed.


Tip 14: Use neutral colours on the walls
If you want to sell your house quickly and appeal to a wider audience, paint your walls with neutral colours. Homes with neutral interior décor sell faster than those with sharp contrasting colours.

how to sell your house


Tip 15: Replace old carpets
Replace all old carpets with new ones. Also, try to make sure they are of neutral colours.


Tip 16: Fix or replace the cabinets in the kitchen
If you can’t install a new kitchen, by simply replacing the kitchen cabinets and handles you can give your kitchen a whole new look.


Tip 17: Make use of mirrors
Use the reflectiveness of a mirror to make a rather small room look spacious. Install mirrors in opposite directions to windows to allow light bounce of it, brightening the room.

Home improvement - mirror in a house for sale in North London

Tip 18: Buy a bunch of flowers
House plants, especially exotic varieties, suggest a nurturing environment. Throw away anything dead or dusty and get a smart bunch of flowers from a florist to add a sophisticated touch to your table.


Tip 19: Reveal original features
With some work and a bit of artistry, you can reveal some period features, such as an old fireplace, which would add a bit of character to your home.


Tip 20: Attach a new house number
Putting up a new house number especially one that is bold and has a modern font will improve the kerb appeal of your home, as well as its value.


Tip 21: Fix or replace dripping taps
Dripping taps might be a false indication of underlying problems and can turn buyers off.


Tip 22: Lubricate squeaking/creaking doors
Again, this can serve as a false indication of underlying problems and can turn away potential buyers. Don’t forget the front door.


Tip 23: Replace blown out bulbs
Ensure that all light fixtures are working properly and replace all blown out bulbs.


Tip 24: Clean-up or replace shower screens/curtains
An unclean or old-looking shower curtain or screen can be a big turn off to buyers. Clean it properly or completely replace if it has lost its shine.


Tip 25: Remove and reapply silicone sealants
Silicone sealants over time begin to have mould growing on them. Replace them to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh new feel.


Tip 26: Take care of damp problems
Of all our tips for selling your house, this is one of the most important. Stains, marks, or mould on a wall inside a home are one of the biggest turn-offs buyers have. Make certain that you take care of the source of the damp and then fix the wall.


Tip 27: Fix all leaking/damages guttering
Leaky guttering can cause damp on walls and so it’s an important point of focus for repairs.

Improve the gutters

Tip 28: Have your doorbell checked
Ensure that your doorbell works perfectly. If it’s not in top shape you might not hear when potential buyers come calling. A faulty doorbell is also a subtle red flag to prospecting buyers.


Tip 29: Remove all fridge magnets
Removing all personal items stuck on your refrigerator helps to remove the personal feel your home has, thereby making it easy for buyers to see themselves as the new owners.


Tip 30: Put beds in bedrooms
This is a crucial tip for selling your house; putting beds in bedrooms (that were previously used as study or storage) allows the potential buyer to see how spacious the rooms are with beds in them.


Tip 31: Turn the lights on
Not only does this show that all light fixtures are in order, it also helps the home look bright and spacious.


Tip 32: Open the window blinds
Opening the window blinds helps the house feel airy and helps with illumination.

Window Blinds


Tip 33: Buy a new doormat
Doormats are among the first things a potential buyer sees before they come into your house. Make sure you have a nice clean one before your viewers arrive.



Tip 34: Give your sofa some love
If your sofa is torn or worn, you should use a nice throw to cover it up and make it look nice. This will go a long way to influence the buyers’ decision, positively.


Tip 35: Have the necessary furniture intact
Moving the entire furniture out of the house will make the house look and feel soulless. Besides, many buyers will have a hard time imagining how the home would look with some furniture in it.


Tip 36: Keep wheelie bins out of sight
If and where possible, keep wheelie bins out of sight. If you can’t, then make sure they are not running over with rubbish, keep them shut. Remove all kips as well.


Tip 37: Change the furniture arrangement
Use furniture arrangement to give the house a larger look and feel. Remove any furniture that doesn’t compliment your home in this way.


Tip 38: Use lampshades/decorative fittings for light fixtures
Putting decorative fittings or lampshades over light fixtures gives a house a homely feel. Be sure to replace dead bulbs and then cover them with proper decorative fittings.

home improvements - lights


Tip 39: Add more storage
Potential buyers can be turned off by a home with little or no storage. Do well to get customised storage installed before you show off your home to buyers.


Tip 40: Replace all misty windows
Misty windows tell your buyers that the house isn’t properly insulated. It’s important to have them replaced or resealed before showing off your house.


Tip 41: Check for and replace missing roof tiles
Missing roof tiles can cause water to get into your home and cause serious damage. Therefore, check for missing roof tiles and replace them.

Broken roofing tiles
Tip 42: Clean up the ground and walls
Washing up the ground such as the patio, driveway, paths, and walls will give your property a shiny new look, making it more appealing to buyers.


Tip 43: Clean out the fascia’s and soffit
The fascia’s and soffits bordering the gutters on the side and beneath should be cleaned out thoroughly. This will give your house a nicer look on the outside.



Tip 44: Do a thorough clean-up
A very clean house tells the intending buyer that your house is well taken care of and that is a good confidence booster.


Tip 45: Unclutter kitchen countertops
Uncluttering all countertops in the kitchen gives a more spacious and tidier look.


Tip 46: Unclutter the entire house
A big part of what makes a house sell is how roomy the buyers perceive it to be. And one way to do this is to pack up and remove any unwanted items.


Tip 47: Use air fragrances
Air fragrances/fresheners help to mask that unique smell every home has. Be sure not to use something that’s too strong or it may cause choking.

Air Freshers


Tip 48: Keep kiddies’ toys and pet bowls out of sight
Leaving items like toys, pet bowls, and beddings around the house makes it look dishevelled and chaotic.


Tip 49: Clean out your oven
Some viewers do check inside the ovens to see how clean it is, so it is important to have it cleaned thoroughly.


Tip 50: Keep door handles and knobs shining
A dull-looking or oil-smeared door handle can turn off potential clients. Use an oil-removal (liquid) soap to wipe all doorknobs to keep them squeaky clean before your buyers arrive.

door knobs

Tip 51: Keep all windows clean
The windows are part of the exterior of your house and your visitors will be put off by a dusty window before they even see what the inside is like. Keep them clean!


Tip 52: Keep the garage tidy
This is one place buyers inspect during a viewing. You should keep it clean and tidy by removing all unwanted items and properly stacking the remaining items.


Tip 53: Remove pets
If your buyers aren’t into pets, you may put them off by having your pets around the house when they visit. Find someone to help you look after your pets when you are showing your house.

pets in London home for sale


Tip 54: Use clear photos
When taking pictures of your home make sure you use high-end cameras or make sure the picture quality is good. The photos are the first things your potential buyer will see before ever booking a viewing.


Tip 55: Remove personal items such as photos
Doing this makes it easier for your intending buyers to visualize themselves (and their own photos) in the house.


Tip 56: Turn the heat up or vice versa
If it is wintertime, warming up your house will make your buyers feel comfortable and at home. Same goes for summer. This shows the intending buyer that the heating and cooling systems are operational.


Tip 57: Bake some bread
The aroma of baking is known to sway home-buying decisions. So before your buyers come around to get some bread baking and allow the aroma to fill the house.

Baking Bread


Tip 58: Let the music play
Playing calming music in the background helps to set the atmosphere of your home. It can help your intending buyers feel relaxed and at home.


Tip 59: Give freebies or extras
To get buyers to quickly move in to make the deal, add some extras to what you are offering. Things such as sofas, sheds, some furniture, and even the lawn mower. This can, in some way, save your client money hence making the decision to buy easier.


Tip 60: Be conversant with your local surrounding
Knowing your local area will help you answer almost any question your buyers have about the area, hence helping them feel they are in the right place.


Tip 61: Try to know your buyer
Know what your intending buyer wants is important to selling your house. It will help you highlight those areas of your home and better influence their decision.


Tip 62: Show them the benefits
When showing your buyers around, try to highlight the benefits of key features of your home. Helping them see these benefits will prove to them that your property is valuable.


Tip 63: Let everyone turn up
An open house event can help you sell your home faster. Letting everyone who is interested in seeing the house view it at the same time engenders a little competition amongst them.


Tip 64: Have printed or PDF brochures ready
After buyers leave your home (or does an online viewing) it is easy for them to forget what it offered. And so a well-printed brochure can serve as a reminder and keep your home in their minds, helping them make a decision sooner.


Tip 65: Get a “For Sale” signboard
Passers-by could turn out to be potential clients so do not leave them out. Put up a “for sale” signboard to tell everyone around that the property is for sale.

Estate agents in North London - M&M Property
M&M Estate Agents in North London

Tip 66: Know your competition and step up
In the situation where your neighbour’s home is also on the market, it is necessary that you do your homework such as getting to know their property listings. Seeing the disparity between yours and theirs will help you position your home in the best possible light.


Tip 67: Keep your driveway empty
Keeping your driveway empty shows your potential buyer how much space available and allows them to imagine their own vehicles parked there.


Tip 68: Know the best time to schedule a viewing
If you live near a school in Islington, do not schedule a viewing during the school’s rush hour, as this will give the buyer the impression that the area is always rowdy.


Tip 69: Offer your viewers something
Whether freshly baked bread or a hot cup of coffee, offering your viewers something makes them feel welcome. It could also open the ground for small talk which is a good way to get to know your buyers better.

how to make house sellable


Tip 70: Do your own survey
Waiting for your buyers to run a survey on your property slows down the whole process. Make sure you run a survey on your property and give it to buyers as they come around. Get a qualified surveyor.