The housing market had a bumper year in 2021, fuelled by the stamp duty holiday and the race for space as the Covid pandemic forced people to work from home. Now the stamp duty holiday is over, the property market is expected to return to stable, steady growth in 2022. If you are in North London and wondering how to sell your house quickly in this market, then here at M&M Property we are happy to help with. We focus on marketing homes in Islington, Newington Green, Highbury and Stoke Newington. We also have a whole list of tricks to sell your house quickly.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, here are a few things you can do to get ahead of the game, make your home more attractive and increase your chances of a quick sale.

Choose the best time to sell

When it comes to estate agent tricks of the trade, they will always focus on the timing of your house sale. For instance, if you are able to choose when to sell your home, it is worth trying to time your sale to coincide with peak buyer demand.

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Traditionally the best time to sell your home quickly is spring. Properties listed in spring tend to sell quicker than those listed in late autumn and winter. However, there is a surge in buyer activity in January and February. Listing in these months may mean you get ahead of other sellers waiting for the spring months. September can also be a decent time to list your property, as there is an increase in buyer activity once schools have started back, but this is often short-lived.

One of the best tips for selling your home is to avoid going to market in August, especially if you are selling a family home. Most potential buyers will be away on holiday or too busy with children to house hunt. November and December have the fewest number of people searching for property, so are best avoided if you want a quick sale.

Agree on an accurate house sale price

If you want to know how to sell your house quickly then it is vital it’s valued correctly from the start.

Research the sold prices of similar houses in your immediate area. This information is available online from the Land Registry, Zoopla and Rightmove.

Invite at least three different estate agents to value your home. Combining these valuations and your research should help you set a realistic asking price. Watch out for certain estate agents putting too high a value on your home in order to win your business. This does happen and it actually has a counter-effect since too high a value may mean your house won’t sell for the first few weeks and you’ll have to bring down the price anyway. And talking of estate agents…

Find a good estate agent

The trying to work out the best way to sell your home quickly, one of the most important steps in doing so is to choose the right estate agent in the first place. Your choice will significantly impact how quickly you sell your house and the price you achieve. That’s because not all estate agents are the same; some will prove much more effective than others.

Find a good estate agent

When drawing up your short-list, ask for recommendations and read customer feedback on review sites like TrustPilot and Feefo. Take a look at the estate agents existing listings. Do these properties catch your eye ie is the photography good?

When you are choosing an estate agent, ask the following questions:

  • How much do they charge for sole-agency vs multi-agency, and what is their tie-in period?
  • How quickly do they sell homes? What is their track record of achieving the asking price? How many properties have they sold within the past few months?
  • What is the reasoning for their suggested asking price?
  • How will your property be advertised? Will they, for instance, guarantee that it will appear on Rightmove and Zoopla? Where else will they be advertising in terms of offline marketing?
  • Who will conduct the viewings for your house sale?
  • How and when will they provide feedback on the viewings?
  • Are they open at weekends and will they do night time viewings?
  • How long have they been established?
  • Are they a member of a professional association such as ARLA Propertymark or the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)?

Other checks you can do to make sure your estate agent is effective include doing a little research of your own to find out which agency does the most sales.

Word of mouth is a good way to find out what people locally think of certain estate agents. Do your neighbours, friends or work colleagues have any recommendations, for instance.

Know your prospective buyer

In order to appeal to house hunters in an upmarket area a property will need luxury finishes on fixtures and fittings. That means good taps, top-quality kitchen cabinets, expensive flooring etc.

Prepare your house for sale

Preparing your home for a quick sale is essential. That way you’ll get it looking spic and span and the best it can possibly be. Not only will this help your property sell faster, but it can actually add thousands of pounds to the selling price, according to estate agents. So, what are the things to do to sell your house quickly?


When it comes to quick fixes to help sell your house fast, then decluttering is a ‘must.’ Your potential buyers need to see all the fantastic living space your property offers. Make this easy for them by getting rid of all the excess stuff you have accumulated. Pay particular attention to the hallway as it is the first part of your home potential buyers will see. Put away your once-a-year coats and any shoes stored near the door. Never leave a sink full of unwashed dishes either.

Another reason for tidying away clutter is that your viewers need to see themselves living in your home – and they can hardly do that if everywhere they look your nick knacks are lying around.

Clear storage spaces too, this helps give buyers the impression that there is plenty of storage.

Prepare your house for sale

Fix and clean

How to get your house ready to sell quickly involves deep cleaning too. And that means the entire house, including, walls, windows and carpets. Tidy up the garden, make sure the grass is cut and the patio is clean.

Tackle those DIY jobs you have been putting off, including replacing broken light bulbs, repairing paint chips, giving the front door, window panes or walls a fresh lick of paint, or dealing with creaking hinges, dripping taps or cracked tiles.

Make it look and smell nice

We don’t recommend sellers undertake lots of work on their property as they are unlikely to recoup the investment (you can check this with your estate agent who will have a good idea of how much added value a new bathroom, for instance, bring a property in the area). However, minor changes such as adding strategically placed lighting, fresh new curtains and cushions and plants and flowers are cheap to do and can make your home look attractive to buyers.

Another tip when learning how to stage your house to sell quickly is to consider repainting the rooms in neutral shades. You may love your dark blue feature bedroom walls or striking feature wall in the sitting room, but that’s not to say your viewers will. It could put them off imagining themselves living there.

Prospective buyers cite bad smells as one of the most off-putting issues. Remove any bad odours in your home such as cigarette smoke, smelly pets or blocked drains by opening the windows and lighting a scented candle or two (depending on how bad the smell actually is).

External areas

When comes to wondering how to present your home for sale, it’s not just the inside that matters. You have to ensure that your property has very impressive kerb appeal too. Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers will see after all. In this case, first impressions really are everything. So, make sure you tidy the gardens, get planting and give your front door a lick of paint in a bright, attractive shade. Hide any bins round the back of the house.

Start the conveyancing early

Conveyancing is the legal process to transfer the ownership of property titles from one person to another following a house sale. Appoint your solicitor early. They can start some of the administration, such as drawing up the draft contract and can also give you advice on selling your house in terms of what paperwork you’ll need and getting it up to date.

This will include any planning consents and certificates for structural building work. Other paperwork involves floor plans, building insurance policies and even utility bills. Check too that you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate if you want a quick sale.

Make the most of viewings

One of the best tips for selling your home is to leave viewings to your local estate agent. They are experts in presenting homes in their best possible light and highlighting the most saleable features. They’ve been in the profession long enough to know how viewers think.

Reassess if there’s no sale

Sometimes properties don’t sell fast. The reason for this isn’t always straightforward, but nine times out of ten it’s because the property has been priced wrongly. Then again, it could be because it’s not presented well in listings. Is the photography as good as it could be, for instance? Does the marketing content reflect the property and describe it at its best? Is your estate agent doing all he or she can to sell? If you suspect it’s any of these reasons then it’s time to switch estate agents. Just check the small print on the contract and when it’s time – move on. There are plenty of good estate agents out there ready to jump at your business.

Be aware of ‘sell your house fast companies’

In recent years a number of ‘fast house buying’ companies have come onto the market, offering sellers a cash sum for their property within weeks and without the stress of having to sell on the open market. This means avoiding estate agents altogether. If you’re wondering: ‘How do I sell my house fast for market value?’ then this isn’t the way as they will offer below the market rate.

Be warned; some of these companies are above board and operate effectively, others use tactics such as reducing the price at the last minute or they can introduce hidden fees that aren’t clear at the outset. As a result, they’re not always the best when it comes to knowing how to sell your house quickly in this market. If you plan on using one of these companies to sell your house fast, then read through their paperwork very thoroughly.

We can help

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