If, by the third English lockdown, you haven’t quite perfected your working from home space, the Evening Standard Homes & Property has a few suggestions for improving your home office environment.

1 Maximise the light

In these dark winter days, make the most of natural daylight by placing your desk facing or next to a window. If that’s a struggle, putting up a mirror can brighten the space. In dark corners a desk lamp will create a cosy glow.

2 Go green

Houseplants have been on trend for a couple of years now, but really came into their own during 2020 for their mood-boosting properties. If you haven’t embraced indoor plants, your workspace could be just the place – they are reckoned to help you relax and destress, plus they add a bit of interest to your Zoom calls.

3 … or red

Apparently adding a splash of red to your colour scheme can help maintain your energy levels – useful if you’ve been sitting at your desk all day. A vibrant desk chair, piece of art or even a pen pot or stapler will do!

4 Cut the clutter

Keeping your work area clear and tidy really can help your mental well-being and focus. If you need to work from a kitchen table or non-designated workspace, packing things away in a backpack at the end of the day can help you switch off too. A clutter draw or tray where you park things you can’t deal with right now can also help.

If you’re looking at a bigger project, such as a new garden office, the advice is to maximise natural light, while keeping the decor neutral. If space is tight, opt for a flexible set-up – so you can easily change your study into a spare room when guests are allowed once more, for example.

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