Islington has been named in a list of the ‘top 5 London boroughs for future growth, and Londoners looking to move are being advised to consider Islington when they start searching for a new home.

According to a study from commercial property services and investment firm CBRE, Islington’s economy is expected to grow in the next ten years, and a 9% increase in jobs is forecast. This makes it the ideal destination for job seekers and those looking to set up their own business.

With strong economic growth predicted for the borough, ‘media friendly’ Islington is, it seems, the place to live and work.  

The study looks at London’s boroughs and ranks them for different factors. In addition to the best boroughs for growth, which marks out Southwark as well as Islington, the study highlights the ‘top 5 areas for new homes’, the ‘top 5 areas for luxury homes’ where many property prices have plateaued, such as Kensington and Chelsea, and the ‘top 5 boroughs with cheapest rents’.  

Bexley is noted as the borough with the cheapest rents, while Tower Hamlets is listed as one of the areas with a high number of new homes being built.  

But for us, Islington is unbeatable in terms of art and culture, independent shops and businesses, diversity of housing, transport connections and sense of community.  

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