Allowing tenants to carry out their own maintenance and repairs is not a good idea. It means you have no control over the quality of the work and tenants could be putting themselves in danger, which is something that you, as a landlord, certainly don’t want.  

Unless you have the right qualifications, you probably shouldn’t carry out the maintenance work yourself either. A few years ago, a landlord was jailed for fitting a faulty boiler himself which continued to leak, despite his attempts at repairs.  

So, you need a list of qualified professionals on call to carry out regular property maintenance and repairs as and when they are needed. Here are the contacts every landlord should have in their phone: 

Gas Engineer

When gas appliances break down it can leave tenants in a sticky situation, not least because they haven’t had a wash due to a lack of hot water. As a landlord, you are responsible for making sure that gas appliances such as boilers and cookers are in safe, working order. Furthermore, there needs to be a gas safety inspection carried out at your properties every year.


Your properties, of course, need to have running water at all times – it’s a given. There are numerous water systems and facilities to think about, water tanks, baths, basins and so on. You’re in charge of maintenance and repairs for the pipes, plumbing systems, drains and sewage for all of those items. So, you definitely need to have a plumber at your disposal.


A roof can cause a lot of problems if not properly maintained. Loose tiles could cause accidents for tenants or passers-by. The internal structure of the roof and its support beams need to be free from rot. Roofs are also closely linked to problems with damp and mould, issues that occur often in the UK, thanks to our lovely weather. You need someone to fix any leaks quickly to stop the damp from coming in.


Electrical safety is extremely important. Wiring, sockets, circuit boards, light fittings and the rest all need to be in safe, working order. If there is a malfunction with the electrics at one of your properties, getting in touch with an electrician to get that fixed should be a priority. Moreover, it is recommended that electrical installation inspections should be carried out every five years.


Another responsibility which you as a landlord must take care of is the structure and load bearing elements of a property. For instance, if there are issues such as cracks or deformations to the exterior walls and foundations, you’ll need to work with your builder to resolve those issues. This is vital because if these kinds of problems go unrepaired, they will only get worse over time. 

As a landlord, always aim to keep these trade professionals on call, and their details in your diary. It will save you a great deal of stress and panic should you need help in an emergency.  

Property maintenance and management carries a lot of significant responsibilities. We regularly assist landlords with organising repairs, safety checks and much more. So, if you’re looking for additional help in such matters, take a look at our property management services