New bakery, restaurant and natural wine bar Jolene opened this month in Newington Green, and it’s already making waves.

The latest addition to Newington Green’s thriving restaurant scene has just featured on a list of the ‘most anticipated restaurants in London this Autumn’.

Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell have teamed up with farmer Andy Cato to bring us Jolene, the same team behind Westerns Laundry and Primeur.

What can you expect? Bread of every description, including raisin bread, sausage rolls, pastries, and the French specialities, madeleines and palmiers.

But that’s not all. Pasta, stews and salads will be available during the day, and in the evening, you can take your pick from an interesting selection of natural wines.

And if you’re not really into wine, that’s ok too. You’ll find a good selection of beers and cocktails to enjoy.

We’ve no doubt that Jolene will be a real asset to Newington Green. There’s many bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from in the area, but we recommend you give Jolene a try.

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