A historic building in Newington Green which has been on Historic England’s ‘at risk’ register for the last few years, has just been awarded over £1 million for restoration.

The Newington Green Unitarian Church, frequented by the likes of Mary Wollstonecraft and other radical thinkers of the age, is one of England’s oldest Unitarian churches.

First built in 1708 and extended in 1860, the church has long been associated with English dissenters, political radicals with non-conformist ideals, and those who campaigned for religious freedom and the abolition of slavery.

But now the listed building is in obvious need of restoration, and the Heritage Lottery Fund has put forward £1.73 million to pay for the restorations. This will take the building off the ‘at risk’ register and give it a new lease of life.

In recent years the church has been revitalised, and is home to New Unity, a non-religious church which focuses on the local community and social justice causes.

Regular Sunday services are held, and the church hosts special events which include poetry readings and live concerts, and it gets involved with Open House London, an architecture appreciation festival.

The renovation work will take place in 2019, with an aim to reopen the church in early 2020.

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