With looming energy price rises this year, and experts predicting that annual gas bills could reach £2,000, Property Investor Today website offers six hacks to improve your home energy efficiency and lower bills.

1. Invest in an A-rated boiler

An energy-efficient boiler could save you £315 after an initial investment of up to £1,000 paying for itself in less than three years.

2. Boost your radiators

Adding foils behind your radiators keeps warmth in your room – not your walls, by reflecting heat back for as little as £7.

3. Insulate, insulate, insulate

Insulate around your home for maximum benefits, including your loft, walls, doors, and floors. Prioritise windows which account for 25% of heat loss in homes. Ideally opt for double or triple glazing, but cheap window insulation kits can help keep bills down.

4. Watch your water consumption

Limit your hot water use by changing your routine – don’t leave taps running and cut your time in the shower. Or invest in water-saving shower heads, from £12, which reduce how much water runs through the shower by up to half. This hack could cut your water bills if you’re on a meter as well as your energy consumption.

5. Draw the curtains

Putting up heavy drapes and drawing them after dark will keep the heat in and block out drafts – reducing heat loss by up to 17%.

6. Draft-proof your home

Draft proofing is essential to keeping your home warm, especially if you don’t have double glazing. Fitting insulation tape which sticks to window and door frames, and expands to fill the gaps, can make a big difference.

Tom Armenante, of trade supplier GTSE which provided the tips, said: “Energy bills have reached an all-time high, and to no surprise, the majority of us are on the lookout for ways to help save some money on costly bills. Even more so as the cold, winter months set in!”