It’s one thing to fill your own home with the latest smart technologies if you want to boost the convenience factor, but it’s quite another to kit out your buy-to-let property with smart devices.

Statistics show that smart home technology helps to sell a house, and a property’s saleability is something which concerns all landlords, should they decide to sell their buy-to-let in the future. But smart technology, which allows for the automation of mundane tasks, can also make a property more appealing to tenants, potentially boosting the property’s rental value.

If landlords want to make sure their property has the edge over a similar property for rent in the same area, introducing smart home technology devices may be a good move. But it’s important to do your research and install gadgets and devices which will be of use/interest to prospective tenants and will be worth your investment.

As food for thought for landlords, below are a few ways to make smart home technologies work for you as well as your tenants.

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Make the property more safe and secure

As a landlord you will want to protect your investment and protect the tenant and all items inside the property. From smart device-operated security cameras to motion sensors and smart locks, there are a range of options for landlords who install smart security at their rental properties.

Smart lighting can be used when the tenant is away or if the property is untenanted at any time to give the impression that the property is occupied. You can also install smart locks which allow you or, if the property is occupied, the tenant the freedom to control access to the property remotely using a mobile phone.

Make the property more energy-efficient

As of April, landlords who arrange new or renewal tenancies can only rent a property if that property achieves an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or above. It is in both a landlord and a tenant’s interests to have an energy-efficient rental property, as this will cut energy bills and make the property more comfortable and pleasant to live in. Whether you install a smart thermostat (which allows the heating to be activated remotely using an app) or smart lighting, you’ll be able to save money in the long-term, make the property more appealing to tenants, and potentially charge a higher monthly rent.

Make the property easier to maintain

Being able to automate and perform tasks remotely makes a buy-to-let property easier to maintain for landlords. For example, let’s say the property is not currently tenanted but you’re due to show prospective tenants around the property later in the day. During the colder months, you’ll want the property to feel warm and comfortable for prospective tenants when they view the property. With the right smart technology installed, you can switch the heating on in your rental property remotely in advance of the viewing. This will save you the hassle of travelling to the property just to switch on the heating.

Our advice is to consider what smart technologies can enhance the appeal of your rental property in the eyes of prospective tenants. What will make their lives easier? Will your property appeal to smart technology-savvy tenants? What smart technologies can you install which would protect your investment and make your life easier?

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