No one’s quite caught the Stoke Newington bug like local historian Amir Dotan. And now Dotan has chosen to share his collection of Stoke Newington-related artefacts online for all to see.

Some 4,000 documents, photographs, objects and old maps have now been shared on Flickr, the photo-sharing website.

Dotan, who hosts the History of Stokey Twitter page, previously only uploaded an image of the odd item from his collection onto social media. This is the first time the collection can be viewed online in full.

The archive contains a variety of interesting pieces, from old advertisements reading ‘Cheap Rents…Flats to be Let’ to concert programmes, hand-written documents, and old photographs of streets and properties in Stoke Newington, as well as photographs of former residents of the area.

Dotan’s archive is extensive, and offers a real glimpse into the social history of Stoke Newington.

He said: ‘Since I first got interested in Stoke Newington’s rich colourful history a few years ago, I have begun collecting every artefact I could find that has something to do with the area’s past’.

‘I hope it’ll allow people who are interested in Stoke Newington’s past easy access to a wealth of fascinating material.’

It’s certainly fascinating material. For anyone interested in the history of Stoke Newington, we recommend checking out Dotan’s collection on Flickr, which can be viewed HERE.

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