Many of London’s former warehouse and storehouse buildings have been repurposed in recent years for use as retail spaces, offices, and residential apartments. Warehouse apartments seem to attract a particular sort of buyer – someone who is drawn to historic architecture yet place a value on open plan living.  

Converted warehouse apartments usually feature exposed brickwork, large windows, and original features such as high ceilings and ornate detailing, yet they can easily satisfy our modern-day preference for open plan living in which the kitchen, dining and lounge blur into one large room.  

So, who typically buys warehouse apartments? Young professionals and creatively-minded individuals tend to be drawn to this type of property, but they can also be popular with people whose children have flown the nest and who are looking for a base from which to enjoy London’s cultural scene.  

If you are selling a converted warehouse apartment, the first step should be to consider the type of buyer you are targeting, then consider the following tips:   

  1. Focus on ‘staging’
    Staging a property is like visual merchandising. It’s about shaping the space in such a way that buyers can envision themselves living in the property. You’ll want to strike a balance between making sure there is enough furniture and items to make the space feel lived in while not feeling too crowded or personalised. It should be about the buyer. The buyer needs to be able to picture themselves and their furniture in the space, and this is done through staging.
  2. Look at proportion and scale
    When staging a loft apartment or converted warehouse for sale, pay attention to the size and scale of the space. In most converted warehouse apartments, the size of the space is usually generous. A larger warehouse apartment can easily look sparse, so make sure there is enough furniture for it to feel homely and welcoming. Furniture must be ‘in-scale’ for the room to feel balanced and harmonious. Likewise, if furniture is too large for the size of the space, it will make it feel smaller.
  3. Think timeless, not trendy
    Even though you have a specific audience of buyers in mind, the décor should have broad appeal. It needs to be neutral. A bold print wallpaper might be on-trend, but it may put off potential buyers who don’t consider it to their taste (even though wallpaper can be changed easily, it can still be an issue for potential buyers). Stick to neutral tones.
  4. Create a gender-neutral space
    This may sound odd, but an apartment where the rooms are decorated and furnished in an overtly masculine or feminine way can put off some buyers. Aim for the space to appeal to both men and women. Again, think timeless, homely, and neutral.
  5. Uniformity is key
    This follows on from the theme of being neutral and timeless in the way the apartment is presented to buyers. You’ll want the rooms to have a continuity, a consistency to them. Why? Because this will make the apartment feel calmer and more organised. Mismatched chairs around the dining room table or furniture can throw buyers off balance. Aim for uniformity.

Are you selling a warehouse apartment in Islington, Stoke Newington, Highbury or Newington Green? Find more information about selling your property through our Sellers’ Guide or request a sales valuation to discover the current value of your property.