Many factors impact on the price of a property, but we’re still surprised to learn that ‘uneven house numbers’ is one of them.

According to a Zoopla survey, a property with an odd number is worth £538 more than a property on the same street with an even number.

Despite the popularity of odd-numbered properties, unlucky number 13 still ranks as one of the most unpopular numbers on the street. But this is the exception, apparently.

Other factors which are reported to affect a property’s price include proximity to a good pub, but not a ‘rowdy, noisy’ pub. Most younger buyers, especially, will look for a good pub nearby. According to figures published in the Islington Tribune, 35% of 18-24 year old’s prefer to be close to a pub, and like to have a ‘local’ as a meeting spot.

Properties with the word ‘hill’ in the address are more popular generally, while street names can have an influence on the property price.

The ‘Waitrose effect’ also appears to be alive and well. People like to be within walking or driving distance of a major supermarket, but for some, it depends on which supermarket.

According to Lloyd’s Bank data, proximity to a branch of Waitrose can add as much as £38,666 to the value of a property. By comparison, having an Aldi nearby only boosts a property’s value by £1,333.

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