Younger people continue to see real value in investing in property over pensions, as new data reveals a year-on-year rise in buy-to-let mortgage purchase applications form that age demographic.

Buy-to-let and landlord mortgage broker, Commercial Trust, has released data which shows that, since 2015, people aged between 20-39 have increasingly viewed property as a sound investment decision, more so than pensions.  

Commercial Trust Ltd’s Chief Executive, Andrew Turner, said: “The figures suggest that younger people can see the value in investing in bricks and mortar – and perhaps this is an indicator that they perceive property investment as a sounder investment than pensions in the longer term”.  

By contrast, there has been a decrease in the number of people aged 60 or over taking out buy-to-let mortgage purchase applications.    

In the years since 2015, there has been a fall in the number of over 60s taking out buy-to-let mortgage applications, falling from 25% to approximately 18% in 2017.  

This is generally positive news for the future of the buy-to-let sector, as it reveals that many members of the younger generation and working age professionals still regard property as the ultimate investment and a relatively secure asset class.  

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